On 2 seperate occasions I have found odd ways to injure myself. The first was a very common lower back injury which involved  tweaking my bulging L4 disc and the second was a tear of the trapezius muscle which caused a knot to form.  Both of these were very painful and I have heard horror stories from others with similar injuries in terms of the lengthy amount of time it takes to heal.  But then I was introduced to Dr. Erik LeMoullec who in only a few treatments over a 1-2 week period got me back to being 100% so I could resume my active lifestyle.  Dr. Erik also showed me stretching exercises to do on my own to assist in the healing process. Dr. Erik is truly amazing and very friendly and professional. I live in NY and have access to dozens of chiropractors but will go out of my way to travel to be treated by him.  Dr. Erik is the best and I have and will continue to recommend him and Back to Health Chiropractic & Acupuncture to others.
Donna Kiely

I’ve been going to Dr. Erik since last year when I hurt myself (stupidly) doing dead lifts in my living room. Not only did he carefully put the herniated disc in my spine back in place, but he also diagnosed the deep knots in my hip that for the past 8 years my doctor said was sciatica and my orthopedist referred to simply as “bursitis”. I love that he’s right next to Ayla’s in Woodbury, as I can go for an appointment on my lunch break. I’m now pain free and flying without a net, thank you Dr. Erik!